Plenary lectures

"Strategic & Critical Metal & Material Production With NSC & ASL Hydrometallurgical Technologies"
"HitDIC: A software for automation of diffusion database development in multi-component/principal alloys and efficient desgin of high-performance alloys"
"Piezoelectric materials for biomedical applications: functionality under special boundary conditions"
“The fascinating world of multicomponent high entropy oxides: synthesis, characterisation and applications”

Invited lectures

"Successive ionic layer adsorption and reaction methods as an effective tools in electrochemistry"
"Cyanide Alternatives for Gold Recovery from Primary and Secondary Resources"
"The Rise of Metallurgy in Eurasia: going beyond the ‘first’ and the ‘earliest’ after a decade of archaeometallurgical research in the Balkans"
"Sintering of ceramics materials by using ultra-high pressures"
"Perspectives of nickel laterite biohydrometallurgy"

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