Plenary lectures

"Strategic & Critical Metal & Material Production With NSC & ASL Hydrometallurgical Technologies"
"Piezoelectric materials for biomedical applications: functionality under special boundary conditions"
His current research interest builds on the application of perovskite oxide to enhance the performance of varistors.
“The fascinating world of multicomponent high entropy oxides: synthesis, characterisation and applications”

Invited lectures

"Challenges in energy storage"
"Cyanide Alternatives for Gold Recovery from Primary and Secondary Resources"
"The Rise of Metallurgy in Eurasia: going beyond the ‘first’ and the ‘earliest’ after a decade of archaeometallurgical research in the Balkans"
Branko matović predavač
"Sintering of ceramics materials by using ultra-high pressures"
Srđan stanković speaker
"Perspectives of nickel laterite biohydrometallurgy"

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