Instructions for preparing posters

  • Posters should be prepared in size of 0.90 m width and 1.00 m high (portrait format), on thin paper.
  • At the top of the poster should specify the title, authors, and institutions.
  • The letters in the title must be at least 3 cm (approx. 120 pt Arial font).
  • Authors name (in a size of 42 pt) and affiliation (in a size of 28 pt) should be clearly spelt in full.
  • All section headings (eg Abstract, Method, Results, Discussion, Conclusion etc.) should be of a size of 36 pt.

Presentation Hints & Suggestions

All posters should include some variation on the following elements: title, authors, abstract, method and materials, results and conclusions. References should be included where appropriate. The inclusions of an introduction and acknowledgements are optional. The abstract and any introduction should be different.

The poster title should extend across the top of the poster, and include the title, plus author(s) and affiliation(s) on the next line.

An interested individual who is not necessarily familiar with your field of expertise should be able to follow your poster. To ensure this:

  • organise the poster units in an orderly manner for a logical flow from top to bottom or left to right;
  • number the units in the order you want them viewed or use connecting lines to guide the reader as in a flow chart;
  • use headings and colour;
  • test your poster by laying it out and asking a colleague to critique it;
  • start the poster with a clear and concise objective;
  • have sections on experiments or research methods as appropriate and devote the main part of the poster to your results;
  • finish with a brief conclusion;
  • make liberal use of large photos, figures, tables, diagrams, maps etc; and,
  • do not attach typewritten sheets to the poster presentation, as it is impossible to read these from a distance. It is also good to display email address that you may be contacted on.

Posters are not intended as a mechanism for advertising products or services. Posters consisting of commercial brochures describing products or services or that are not of appropriate quality may be rejected on-site.

Instructions for oral presentations

Before Congress

To maximize the effectiveness of your presentation, please use PowerPoint.

  • Use a minimum of text on the page.
  • Graphs often speak louder than words.

At the Congress

  • Please submit your presentation on a USB memory to the responsible person at the registration desk at least one hour before presentation.
  • Presenting person is advised to be in conference room 15 minutes before the session to meet chairman and other speakers. Provide relevant information to the chairman for the intro (you can prepare a few sentences to be announced by the chairman). Allotted time for oral presentation will be 15 minutes.
  • The right to present accepted papers only have authors who paid the registration fee