Abstract Submission

The deadline for abstracts submission is 5th April, 2019.

Abstracts should be written in English and should include: title, authors names, e-mail of the presenting author, affilations of authors, text of the summary and keywords.

Prepare abstract in a Word document using template given below. Document file should be named as "Surname of the presenting author_The first five words of titles.doc" (e.g. "Smith_New Function Optimized Hybrid Material.doc").

Please prepare abstracts using ABSTRACT TEMPLATE.


If applying more than one abstract, abstracts must be sent separately.

Submission of abstracts: Prepared abstract shall be submitted via on-line form or by e-mail as an attachment to: metallmatereng@gmail.com. If you prefer sending abstract by e-mail, please provide following information in your message: Title, Name, Surname, Address, City, Country, Telephone, Topic, Desired presentation type (oral or poster).

Abstracts submitted by post mail or fax will not be considered.